Dames Bring Home A Win

The DuPage Derby Dames were on the road this past weekend, travelling to Decatur, Illinois to take on the Decatur Derby Dames. The DuPage team was a bit apprehensive about skating on the slick, polished concrete floor of the Decatur Civic Center, but it became apparent after the first few jams that this wasn’t going to be an issue. The players were able to adjust their skating style and managed to consistently earn lead jammer status in the first half. Points were sparse, though, with each team managing to stay right on the others’ heels. The halftime score was 30-34 in favor of DuPage.

The game became more intense in the second half with time running out and the score always within a few points. The DuPage team kept their cool, and with penalties at a minimum, were able to hold onto the lead. Tension was high going into the last jam of the night with only 43 seconds left on the clock, Decatur trailing by a mere 4 points, and the DuPage jammer in the penalty box. But the Decatur jammer committed a major of her own, which resulted in the early release of Phyllis Killer, who was able to fight through the pack in order to gain lead jammer status. She even managed to collect a few more points while running down the clock, bringing the final score to 80-88. Jammer Speeds Kate #13 took home MVP for DuPage.

This was an exciting victory for the DuPage Derby Dames, who are still in their first season. They’ve had a few extremely close games, but are happy to now be celebrating their first win. If you’d like to see them in action and cheer them on to another victory, the next bout is August 18th at Coachlite Skate Center in Roselle.

Photo by Steve Jurkovich Photography