Pink PowHer Ranger

“She kicks mighty morphin ass“

Why this derby name and number?
I used to play Halo the video game and I could change the color to pink and my friend said I looked like the Pink Power Ranger and the name just stuck. And I secretly wanted to be her when I was little. The number is my anniversary.

What is your hometown?

How did you get into derby?
I was always an athlete growing up and looking for something to get into as an adult. One of my customers (Mortricia) begged me for months to do it and I finally broke down and have been addicted ever since.

Who is your derby wife?
ThikiCole, but she is having an affair with several skaters so my new lover is Reco Warrior!

Drink of Choice?
Beer. Nothing fancy. Good, cheap beer straight out of the bottle, or can.

Favorite song(s) to skate to?
Something heavy and with a beat, I'm not picky. As long as there is sound in the background.

Weapon of Choice?
My evil eye.

Favorite Movie?
BioDome, Harry Potters, and Wizard of Oz.

Non-Derby Hobbies?
Anything outdoors, particularly if it involves airsoft guns.

Words of Advice?
Do what you love, not what others tell you.

If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
The power to cure. And fly of course.

If you weren't playing roller derby what would you be doing?
Sleeping so I can work more. I love my job.

Favorite Quote?
"Success is a journey, not a destination. It takes constant effort, vigilance and reevaluation" - Mark Twain

Any last words?
Don't let my colors fool you.