Pepper Spray Patty

Pepper Spray Patty 818
Tag Line
Burn Baby Burn that's what you'll feel after one hit from her number eight one eight Pepper Spray Patty.
Why this derby name and number?
The number is my dad's birthday. The name is a play on my love for peppermint anything!
What is your hometown?
What position(s) do you play?
How long have you been playing derby?
This will be my first full season playing derby!
Current Occupation?
Coordinator of Operations, Outreach and Technical Support
Who is your derby wife?
I'm available!
Drink of Choice?
Half caff, nonfat, peppermint latte. Iced please.
How did you get into Derby?
I started with Derby Lite and after a year decided to kick things up a notch and try out for the Dames.
Weapon of Choice?

Favorite Movie?
It's a Wonderful Life
Non-Derby Hobbies?
Beach combing in the summer. Reading in the winter.
Favorite song(s) to skate to?

Words of Advice?
Never be afraid to try something new.
If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
the ability to fly.
If you weren't playing roller derby what would you be doing?

Favorite Quote?
"No one can make you feel inferior without your consent." Eleanor Roosevelt
Any last words?