Tasha Fierce

Tasha Fierce #44
"Watch out for this twister or she is going to flatten you out!"

Why this derby name and number?
Originally known as Twisted Bwitch, ThikiCole gave me the name when we first started and I finally changed it at the end of the 2012 season due to much pressure from the whole team. Well, my fave number is 44 so just had to have it. =)

What is your hometown?
Aurora, IL.. Wayne's World, Party time, Excellent!

How did you get into derby?
My best guy friend Bill took me to see Windy City Rollers and I said I had wanted to do that. I knew I couldn't go into the city for practices all the time so I looked in the burbs for a team. Low and behold I found my second family. =)

Who is your derby wife?
Derby wife??? I need no stinkin derby wife. I like to play the field.

Drink of Choice?
Coke Cola is where its at! Stronger drinks would be anything where I don't taste the alcohol.

Favorite song(s) to skate to?
Tainted Love - Soft Cell
Sweet Dreams - Eurythmics
Jam on it - Newcleus
Push it - Salt n Pepper
Let the music play - Shannon
You Spin Me Around - Dead or Alive
Double Dutch Bus- Frankie Smith
Freak-a-zoid - Midnight Star
Genius of Love - Tom Tom Club
Rapper's Delight - Sugar Hill Gang
Apache (Jump On It) - Sugar Hill Gang
* Can you tell I skated in the 80's =) *

Weapon of Choice?
A Book!

Favorite Movie?
Well, it depends on what genre. Beauty and the Beast, Twilight, Resident Evil, Nightmare on Elm St. just to name a few.

Non-Derby Hobbies?
Reading, playing with my son, hanging with the boyfriend

Words of Advice?
May there be no shame in your game.

If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
Ohhh not sure..there are sooooo many powers I would want to have.

If you weren't playing roller derby what would you be doing?
Working and doing the normal everyday life stuff. BLAH!

Favorite Quote?
"A book is not only a friend, it makes friends for you. When you have possessed a book with mind and spirit, you are enriched. But when you pass it on you are enriched threefold.” ― Henry Miller