Wes L. Mania

Why this derby name and number?
Growing up I always wanted to be a WWF referee

What is your hometown?
Searchlight, NV

How did you get into derby?
The Wes L. Maniacs demanded it.

Who is your derby wife?
Max Power is my derby husband.

Drink of Choice?
Orange Fanta

Favorite song(s) to skate to?
Anything by the Gap Band

Weapon of Choice?
Hoosier A6 and a tiki shirt

Favorite Movie?
Breakin 2 Electric Boogaloo or maybe Full Metal Jacket

Non-Derby Hobbies?
Cars, motorcycles, racing and building an adult sized Big Wheel

Words of Advice?
Mom always said don't play ball in the house!

If you could have one superhero power what would it be?
Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane

If you weren't playing roller derby what would you be doing?
I'd be in jail or dead

Favorite Quote?
"Is Wayne Brady gonna have to choke a bitch"

Any last words?
Watch this.....hold my beer!